How to make your iPhone announce incoming calls

iPhone with incoming call

by David Redmond

Did you know that your iPhone can announce the calls you receive so that you don’t have to see the phone, or take it out of your pocket to know who is calling? The feature is called Announce Calls, and we explain how to enable it on your iPhone.

A lot of people with low vision might not need a screen reader, but it might be beneficial to have some things announced using speech. Who’s calling is one of those things.

By the time you’ve whipped out the magnifier to check who wants to talk to you, the person might have hung up. Now that might have been what you wanted, but it would still be good to know. It can be way more practical to just have the phone announce who is calling, so here is how to set that up on iPhone.

1. Open Settings
2. Search for Announce Calls in the search bar at the top.
3. Select Announce Calls, it will have a little green icon next to it.
4. Change the setting to Always

And that’s it. Your phone will now announce who’s calling.

It’s a simple feature but one that can be greatly beneficial for those with low vision.

If you’d like to check out a quick 30 second video going through the steps, check out our YouTube short below.