Technology Support

Our range of technology supports are designed to complement and enhance activities of daily living for the children and young people with whom we work. Whether the communication mode is Braille, print, speech or a combination of these, a Comprehensive Assistive Technology Assessment is essential and provides the foundation and direction for all other interventions.

Child being guided to use Braille reader
Lego Braille Brick set


Our Assistive Technology assessments are child/young person led to determine the most suitable devices and are supported by:

  • Equipment trials
  • Training and Support to Child/Young Person
  • Training for Family and/or Education Support Staff

This results in the Child/Young Person together with family and/or educational supports being able to make informed decisions for suitable technology.

Access and Agency 

Technology has significantly improved access to and agency over many aspects of peoples’ lives in recent times from social and communication to travel and employability skills. Our individual and group-based training supports focus on fun and motivating methods of learning how to interact with and use technology as part of everyday living. This might include using travel, navigation, or transport apps to plan a trip, use online shopping sites for grocery orders, check out restaurant menus and make bookings.

Cormac using Assistive technology such as Seeing AI

“My phone is so important to me. I use it for most things such as a magnifier or screen reader for school work, or if my eyes are tired or when I am checking for bus times or seeing price tags and sizes when shopping. I have picked up so much knowledge from Vision Ireland staff and the other students that take part in tech workshops, we share a lot of tips with each other”