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All our +130 shops nationwide are open again. 

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About Vision Ireland Charity Shops

Vision Ireland is the second biggest charity shop chain in the country.
Every time you shop with us you are helping the 54,000 people living with sight loss in Ireland.

Vision Ireland offers community-based services providing practical and emotional support, rehabilitation services and other training designed to help people with sight loss to live independently.

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Sustainable Fashion

The end of the ‘Throwaway clothes’ era is something we welcome with open arms.
Charity shops are beacons towards saving the planet: 95 per cent of clothing donated to us is recycled or sold on for reuse.

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Shop front of Vision Ireland Furniture Shop

Vision Ireland Home & Furniture

You can transform your home for less,
Check out our extensive selection of second-hand furniture, couches, sofas, beds, bedroom furniture, dining tables, dining chairs, office furniture and much more

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Group of Vision Ireland volunteers in front of one of Vision Ireland charity shop

Become a volunteer

Be part of something bigger, our volunteers are the backbone of our operation.
We’re fortunate enough to have over 800 volunteers across our stores nationwide and others placed in our services. Check here how you can be part of the Vision Ireland family.

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