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Employing a Person with Sight Loss 

At Vision Ireland, we understand the value of diverse talent in the workplace. Discover best practices for recruiting and hiring individuals with sight loss. Learn how to create inclusive job descriptions, accessible application processes, and effective interview techniques. 

Best Recruitment Practices

Effective communication is vital when working with individuals with sight loss. Explore strategies and tips on fostering clear and inclusive communication. Understand the importance of providing information in accessible formats and promoting an inclusive work culture.

Communicating with a Person with Sight Loss

Discover how reasonable accommodations can empower employees with sight loss to thrive in the workplace. Learn about assistive technologies, adaptive workstations, and workplace adjustments that can enhance accessibility and promote equal opportunities. 

Employer’s Guide to Reasonable Accommodation

Explore the range of government supports available to employers in promoting inclusivity and supporting employees with disabilities. Learn about relevant grants and resources that can facilitate the integration of individuals with sight loss into your workforce. 

Government supports for employers

Vision Ireland’s Services and Reports 

Access Vision Ireland’s comprehensive report that delves into the employment experience of individuals with sight loss. From job searching and applying to different experiences in the workplace, gain insights into the challenges they face and explore practical recommendations for creating a more inclusive workplace. 

Report: Defining the Employment Experience

Vision Ireland’s “Seeing Your Career” report examines the issues of low participation of people with sight loss in the labour market, drawing on the experiences of Vision Ireland service users. Learning from international best practices, this report also offers a suite of recommendations targeted at the Government and policymakers. If implemented, these recommendations would raise the employment rate and create a more inclusive work environment. 

Report: Seeing Your Career

Learn about the array of services and support Vision Ireland offers to businesses. From free training programs that cover the recruitment process, assistive technology, defining visual impairment, and workplace integration to accessibility assessments and ongoing guidance, we are here to help you create an inclusive and accessible work environment. 

Vision Ireland Services for Businesses


Vision Ireland’s Workplace Partners

NTC’s Learners Thrive in Collaborative Event with CPL

Ready to create an inclusive and accessible workplace? Contact Vision Ireland today to explore our services, access resources, and partner with us in empowering individuals with sight loss to thrive in the workplace. 

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