If you are a parent of a child that has recently received a diagnosis of an eye condition resulting in vision loss, this information can often be shocking for all the family resulting in a wide range of emotions being experienced. Our dedicated Children and Young Person’s Team is on hand to help you and your child. To access any of our services simply call 1800 911 250.

This short video features parents’ experiences, reactions and how they managed the challenges presented to them in these early stages.

Also feel free to join Feach which a support group for parents of blind or vision impaired children. This peer support can be invaluable to parents as they are all on the same journey together.

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There are many phrases used to describe a loss of vision. Blindness usually indicates a person cannot see anything whilst low vision or partial sight loss means a person has some vision.

Depending on the level of vision loss, each child will access information through whatever senses they find easiest. So, for some it may be using their touch also known as tactile skills, their residual vision, or a combination of the two. Compensatory skills such as listening, memory recall and organisation skills also play a significant role in development and learning.

More information about terminology

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Types of vision loss

Vision loss can be present at birth, known as a congenital condition or be acquired later in a child’s development due to a late onset eye condition, accident, or illness. If the eye condition is stable, the level of vision loss generally remains the same whereas a deteriorating condition may result in a reduction of vision over time.

Common Eye Conditions in Childhood

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Practical and Emotional Support

Our Children and Young Person’s Team are available to listen and support parents, children and young people going through this journey. There may be times when extra support or intensive training is needed such as initial diagnosis, meeting developmental milestones, starting school, travelling independently or going to college.

Check out these services

ECLO offering advice

Eye Clinic Liaison Officer

Vision Ireland have an Eye Clinic Liaison Officer (ECLO) based at the Ophthalmology Department in Temple St Children’s Hospital and Crumlin Children’s Hospital. This staff member has responsibility for providing support and information to parents at diagnosis stage and helping to connect with Vision Ireland services locally. The ECLO is also available to parents for emotional support on follow up visits to the ophthalmology clinic.

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