Vision Series: E-health videos

The Vision Series of e-health videos aim to inform and promote the services that Vision Ireland provides to those living with sight loss in Ireland. All videos will be available on our Youtube Channel. These videos are sponsored by Novartis.

Vision Ireland Vision Series in conjuction with Novartis

Ep 1: A Guide for Optometrists

This video will take Optometrists through how they can refer a client to the Vision Ireland, an overview of the services offered to patients referred to us and the value of this service.

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Photo of Chris White and Mr Mark Cahill

Ep. 2 Vision Ireland’s CEO Chris White & Mr Mark Cahill MCh FRCSI FRC Ophth talk AMD

This video explores the condition Age-Related Macular Degeneration (AMD), it’s symptoms and treatment regimes. AMD is the most common cause of sight loss in Ireland so it is important to be aware.

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Man being taught how to scan corridor while walking

Ep.3 Neurological Vision Loss

This video looks at vision loss arising following a stroke. It shows how vision can be altered after a stroke, its impact on the individual and the techniques and strategies Vision Ireland teaches to enable the individual to maximise their residual vision and navigate safely.

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Annie Donnelly age 12

Ep. 4 Independent Safe Travel for Children and Young People

This video shows how different skills and strategies used during the different phases of childhood can ensure children and young people who are blind or vision impaired can travel independently and confidently.

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Vision Ireland ECLO Elaine Crossan speaking across a desk to a service user

Ep.5 Eye Clinic Liaison Officer (ECLO)

This video shows the value of the Eye Clinic Liaison Officer role in supporting, connecting and empowering a patient from the point of diagnosis onwards and what it this role means to both patients and clinicians.

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