Wayfinding Centre

Welcome to The Wayfinding Centre

wayfinding campusVision Ireland has developed an innovative space located in the old Smurfit site on the Botanic Road, Glasnevin. It is set to open in Quarter 1 of 2024.

The mission of The Wayfinding Centre is to empower people and possibility through experience, mobility and transportation. It will provide a safe indoor environment which replicates the real-world experience of using public transport including lighting, acoustics, hazards and the built environment that surrounds public transport. This space will be set up to enable a whole journey approach which can be practised, with users offered real-time comprehensive support with an opportunity to navigate on and between multiple modes of public transport.

Vision Ireland believes the Wayfinding Centre will provide an opportunity to familiarise users with and acquire public transport skills, as well as inform policy development on future public transport design so as to eliminate many of the challenges encountered by members of society using the system today.

The Wayfinding Centre will be run and operated by Vision Ireland for use by members of the public, particularly those with reduced mobility as well as representative organisations, transport operators, planners, designers and academics.


More details on the background of the project and its proposed operation are available at http://thewayfindingcentre.ie

If you wish to learn more or provide your views and insights into the development of The Wayfinding Centre, please feel free to contact us: [email protected]