About Fundraising

Vision Ireland’s voluntary ethos is embedded in its roots dating back to the 1930’s when local county committees raised funds and volunteers delivered services throughout Ireland to people who were blind and vision impaired. Over the years Vision Ireland recruited professional staff to extend the work of volunteers.  Vision Ireland now receives 70% of its income to deliver services from government sources.

However, the volunteer ethos remains strong and over 30% (approx €3 million per annum) is contributed by supporters towards the work of the organisation. The job of securing income is given to Vision Ireland Charitable Foundation and to Vision Ireland Retail (operating a national network of charity shops).

Vision Ireland has adopted policies and practices to ensure that it is meeting highest codes of conduct with regard to the methods of fundraising, the confidentiality of donor’s data and the oversight of expenditure across the organisation.  A copy of our codes of practice is available here.

To speak to anyone in the Foundation Team please call 1800 911 250 or email [email protected]


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