Vision Ireland Resource Centres

Vision Ireland has two Resource Centres that provide day opportunities to support people with sight loss.

The Iona Resource Centre is located in Drumcondra Dublin and the Lochrann Resource Centre is in the centre of Wexford Town.

3 images depicting pottery, gym and computer activities


Statement of Purpose:

The Iona and Lochrann Resource Centres deliver a specialised service for people with a visual impairment.  We provide an individual programme on one of our 3 core strands: Skills4Stability, Skills4Life or Skills4Me.  Service Users have a personalised individual plan that is tailored to meet their specific needs.

About the Individual:

Our day services are fully compliant with HSE New Directions and the services we offer are tailored to the individual needs of each and every service user.

We have links within the community to enable our service users to play a fulfilling and engaging role within their local community; whether that be for employment, work experience or recreational and social activities.

Our Support:

At our Resource Centres we take a varied approach to providing day opportunities. We are in the heart of our local communities and ensure we have connections in our service users community for their benefit. We offer an impressive range of activities designed to engage, motivate and challenge those we support. This can include sessions on; technology, health & wellbeing, social discourse, community integration and many more sessions according to the needs and goals of individuals we support.

Our three pathways will help our service users to achieve the skills needed for individuals to accomplish their goals, independence and have a fulfilled life in their local community – all supported by skilled, specialist staff.

Engage, Enable & Empower

Vision Ireland Resource Centres are here to provide assistance to anyone who is affected by sight loss.

“Engage, Enable and Empower” forms our guiding principles and we are here to aid our service users to achieve their goals and to play a valuable role in their local community.


Contact Details:

If you would like further information on Vision Ireland day services, please contact National Day & Hub Services Manager Maggie Richardson on [email protected] or  083 028 01 37.

David Kortukohun & Eamon Hurley sat together, with David laughing


“Humans are not made in isolation, we are part of a larger community; coming to IRC gives me a sense of happiness”

David Kortkohun

A man in a light blue t-shirt and who is wearing a cap is leaning against the seat of an exercise machine.


“I never thought it would be possible.  I now know I can achieve anything, thanks to the Resource Centre.”
Brian McGurran