How can NCBI’s ECLO help you or your child? Barry and Katie Ryan explain to NCBI Podcast

NCBI Podcast chats with Barry and Katie Ryan, parents to Maggie and Rosie who have Chromatopsia. They share how the ECLO (Eye Clinic Liaison Officer) services helped them understand, process and accept their daughters’ condition and how the ECLO is always a helpful resource to them at every step of their children’s development guaranteeing that their girls can thrive like everyone else.

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A phone and headphones to symbolise the Vision Ireland podcast

NCBI Podcast meets Brendan Laffan from Limerick who talks passionately about working in the NCBI Newcastlewest shop as well as previously being a local radio presenter and editor. He shares how his sighted colleagues initially helped him to ensure he can undertake all his duties. He enjoys the teamwork and camaraderie and loves being part of the community.