Vision Ireland unveils ambitious nationwide rebranding for its 124 stores

The exterior of the Vision Ireland store on Camden Street. It shows the new orange and white logo over the door and the navy exterior. New Vision Ireland artwork with a young girl with red hair is visible at the side of the store.

November 13 2023: Vision Ireland, the new name for NCBI, is in the process of rebranding its 124 stores across Ireland as it looks to become the leading retailer in the sustainable fashion trade in Ireland.

As part of that relaunch, all retail stores across the country will be rebranded and refitted with the new Vision Ireland identity and logo.

The new Vision Ireland stores will boast the most modern look of any stores in the charity or mainstream retail industries in Ireland. Each store is packed with incredible pre-loved pieces that are available for anyone who drops in. What’s more, Vision Ireland retail outlets include a small army of volunteers – over 1000 – who are involved in the running of the shops and helping make sure that over 1,800 tonnes of pre-loved items don’t end up in landfills every year.

The name change to Vision Ireland was borne out of a necessity for Vision Ireland to help members of the public and medical professionals to understand that the organisation provides services and supports for people who live with all types of vision impairment.

We will continue to support our service users who are blind or vision impaired in the same ways we always have, but the Vision Ireland name is more inclusive, and will help us to reach more people than ever before.

Some of our shops have already started down the road of changing to Vision Ireland. Over the coming weeks NCBI signs on shop fronts will be taken down and replaced with our new Vision Ireland identity, which we expect to be completed by September 2024.

Chief Commercial Officer, Beverley Scallan said: “Changing from NCBI to Vision Ireland is, to put it mildly, a huge process. It’s also hugely exciting. Each and every one of our 124 stores will be refitted with our new logo and new identity, which looks thoroughly modern.  Our vision for each store is in line with our sustainable chain of stores around Ireland which will all change over from NCBI to Vision Ireland in the coming months.

“Our stores are the green engine of the high street and the lifeblood of our fundraising efforts to support Vision Ireland services, so any help we can get from members of the public is more than appreciated. If you see the new logo and signs for Vision Ireland going up on a shop in your town or community, don’t forget to drop in, say hello to our wonderful team and find out more about Vision Ireland, volunteering and, of course, browse our selection,” Beverley added.

Although the name of NCBI is changing to Vision Ireland, along with the look of our stores, a shopper’s ability to bag a bargain or find a hidden gem certainly will not. Our pre-loved clothes, accessories and homeware in our 124 stores around Ireland provide the perfect alternative to fast fashion. Donations will also be gratefully accepted at every Vision Ireland shop around Ireland.

Vision Ireland, which is the new name for NCBI, operates the second largest chain of shops in Ireland and these stores plays an integral part in the charity’s overall fundraising efforts, allowing the national sight loss agency to provide vital services to over 8,000 people each year.