Talking Technology with NCBI Labs Episode 25 – Celebrating women who pioneer for inclusion in tech

Rebokah app on iPhone, next to text that reads "women in tech"

Episode 25

On the show this week we take time to acknowledge and celebrate some of the women in technology who have been making strides in the field of digital accessibility and inclusion. We’re first joined by Rebecca Rosenberg, developer of the ReBokeh app that works much like an augmented reality filter for real life, allowing users to customise how they see their world through their smartphone.

Adela Buliman tells us about an upcoming diversity and inclusion conference being organised by Google in Northern Ireland called Women TechMakers Belfast 2023 where she will be giving a speech on “Is Northern Ireland Digitally Accessible?”, and speaks with Diana Penamora in the IA Labs team about the art of Blog writing.

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