Setting up WiFi on Braille Sense 6

A Braille Sense with WiFi Setup written in the front of the image

by Peter Claridge-Bowler

The Braille Sense 6 can access the internet, download third-party apps and books, and search the web.

To be able to access the web, you need to connect to your Wi-Fi. To do this follow these steps.

Step one: Go to the Settings options of your Braille Sense 6.

Step two: Find “set up internet” and press enter.

Step three:  Locate the name of your internet and press enter. If your network isn’t appearing on the device, press the F2 button and find the rescan function and press enter, if your network provider shows up press enter.

Step four: when you have selected your network name press enter and you will be prompted to enter your network password.

Providing that you have all the information and passwords correct, it will be announced that you have connected to the network.

To check your network status: press the N chord on the main menu page.  This will show if your device is online or offline, also which network you are connected to.

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