Information for voters who are blind and vision impaired

Image of referendum template

Thankfully tactile templates have been developed for the upcoming local and European elections on June 7th, 2024.

Each template has clear and non-decorative lettering, large print, good colour contrast, raised letters,
Braille and the cut-out sections have a black border to assist people to find where to mark their vote.

The templates will be used on the same ballot paper used by everyone else.

Referendum template

There are two cut out boxes on the template, one for yes and one for no.
The template is placed over the ballot paper to match the boxes to be marked on the ballot paper.

Election template

There are 20 cut out boxes, the template is placed over the ballot paper to match the boxes to be marked on the ballot paper.
The template has a flap over each of the cut outs, so that people can close it over when they have marked the box.

You can check the template is right way up because the template has a hole at the top right-hand
corner which should be matched with the hole on the top right-hand corner of the ballot paper.

You can find a list of candidates on your county council’s website or you can call a free phone number at any time including at home, at the polling station and in the polling booth.

Presiding officers in polling stations have been briefed on the different elements of the template and will give verbal directions before you enter the booth to mark the ballot paper.

Vision Ireland have templates that you can “try out” in each of our offices nationwide. Get in touch with your local Vision Ireland office if you would like a demonstration of the templates.

For this Friday’s elections, the Ballot Paper Templates for visually impaired voters will work in conjunction with Freephone numbers (as in 2019) which will list the candidates in the order that they appear on the ballot papers.

A Freephone telephone number has been set up for visually impaired individuals in respect of the European and Local Elections.

County Council listing (A-Z)

  • Carlow: 1800 928 983
  • Cavan: 1800 202 476
  • Clare: 1800 306 800
  • Cork City: 1800 283 034
  • Donegal: 1800 832 015
  • Dublin City: 1800 228 338
  • Dún Laoghaire Rathdown: 1800 804 535
  • Galway City: 1800 306 894
  • Galway County: 1800 928 894
  • Kildare: 1800 111 000
  • Kilkenny: 1800 500 000
  • Laois: 1800 832 010
  • Leitrim: 1800 702 651
  • Limerick City and County: 1800 83 20 73
  • Longford: 1800 832 016
  • Meath: 1800 808 809
  • Monaghan: 1800 78 78 78
  • Offaly: 1800 116644
  • Roscommon: 1800 637100
  • Sligo: 1800 379 379
  • South Dublin: 1800240520
  • Tipperary: 1800 11 2222
  • Waterford City and County: 051 849 670
  • Westmeath: 1800 805 816
  • Wexford: 1800 477 478
  • Wicklow: 1800 868 399

Below are the freephone numbers for the European elections:

  • Dublin: 1800 110 200
  • South: 1800 100321
  • Midlands-North West: 1800 600 456

Find out more at, your local county council website or the Department of Housing, Planning and Local Government website 

Additionally, visit How to vote – Electoral Commission to learn more about step by step guide or watch the video below:

Image of referendum template
Image of referendum template
Image of a new tactile template
Image of a new tactile template