How to Cancel a Subscription on iPhone

Confirm Cancellation message displaying on iPhone screen

by David Redmond

Every app seems to have a subscription these days. Subscriptions for music, books, TV, slightly different TV, games, news services, fitness apps, navigation tools, the list goes on. It’s easy to be overwhelmed by the number of subscriptions you’re paying for.

Thankfully, cancelling a subscription isn’t too difficult on iOS, especially compared to some other services. Here’s a list of steps explaining how you can cancel a subscription on your iPhone.

  1. Open your Settings app.
  2. Find your name at the very top. Tap your name, or double-tap if you’re a VoiceOver user.
  3. Find the “subscriptions” option. It’s located in the first row of available options under your email. When you find it select it.
  4. After a few seconds of loading, you’ll find yourself in a list of subscriptions past and present. Here you’ll find information about the subscriptions you have, the next renewal, and the cost. All this info is also called out to you if you’re a VoiceOver user.
  5. Select a subscription to get more details on it. At the bottom of this page, you’ll also have the cancel button.
  6. When you select the “Cancel free trial” or “Cancel subscription” button, you will get a confirmation pop-up.
  7. Select confirm, and bang, your subscription is cancelled.


I’d recommend exploring this area once in a while as you’d be surprised that for what you’re paying for. You can also adjust subscription options here such as switching to an annual subscription. If you have an app you use all the time you might save a few euros by checking out payment options.

A longer subscription also locks you into an app’s price for a longer period. I paid €69.99 for Apple TV+ recently, meaning the price jump from €6.99 to €9.99 a month won’t affect me for a bit. It’s worth keeping an eye on things like that.


Clearing up your iOS subscriptions can be a good way to save some money. Hopefully, this short guide gave you the info you need to do just that. Check out our short below to see a demo:

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