General layout of Braille Sense 6

A Braille Sense with General Description written in the front of the image

by Peter Claridge-Bowler

Getting to know the layout of your Braille Sense 6 can make using the device faster and easier and in this article, we’ll be going over the general layout!

We’ll be breaking it down into 6 sections.

  1. Top panel
  2. Front panel
  3. Left panel
  4. Right panel
  5. Back panel
  6. Bottom panel

1) Top panel

On the top surface of the Braille Sense 6, you’ll encounter a Perkins-style keyboard with six dots, along with Backspace and Enter keys. Adjacent to the Perkins-style keyboard are the four function keys, followed by Control, Spacebar, and Alt keys arranged from left to right as follows: F1, F2, Control, Spacebar, Alt, and F3, F4.

Directly beneath the primary interface of the refreshable Braille display, which features 32 cursor routing keys, you’ll notice the UP and DOWN buttons positioned to the left and right of the display. These buttons facilitate navigation forward and backward along the 32 characters of Braille.

Along with the 32 cursor routing keys, every fifth button is distinguished by a raised bump, serving as a tactile indicator to aid in navigation along the display.

2) Front Panel

The front panel has several different buttons/switches, from left to right of the device: the lock rocker switch, the media player rocker switch, and the media control buttons: rewind, record, stop, pause/play, fast forward, and finally the power button.

3) Left Panel

On the left side of the Braille Sense, you will find the volume controls, a headphone, and a microphone port (3.5 mm Jack) to aid in locating the correct port. They are marked in braille letters M and H to indicate microphone and headphones. Just above the headphone and microphone ports is an SD card reader.

4) Right panel

On the right side of the Braille Sense 6, you will find several different ports, 2 USB-C ports and one USB-A port. The USB-C port toward the front of the device is mainly used to charge the device or power other devices and is marked by the braille letter P. The USB-C port is located near the front of the device, and towards the front of the device is the video port (USB-C) that can connect to external monitors/portable screens. In between those ports, you will find a stander USB-A port.

5) Back panel

The rear panel of the Braille Sense 6 contains another USB A host port, for connecting drives, keyboards and mice, cameras, printers, audio gear, and other compatible USB peripherals.

6) Bottom panel

Oh the underside of the unit, you’ll find the camera and battery compartment, the camera is located towards the top left-hand corner of the underside and the battery compartment is located in the centre of the unit.

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