Empowering Employment: NTC’s Learners Thrive in Collaborative Event with CPL 

A group of Vision Ireland service users are sitting around in a room on a green sofa as members of the CPL team are also gathered around while a person speaks at the front of the room.

We’re always excited to talk about collaborations with different companies, and last month was marked by a great experience with CPL recruitment agency, a global provider of recruitment and talent solutions for both companies and employment seekers.  

The adult learners from NCBI’s National Training Centre (NTC) in Dublin attended an event that included CV reviews and mock interviews organised in CPL’s office near Grand Canal Docks. This recruitment agency already has a history with NCBI’s Employment, Training, and Academia Team (ETA) since organising training for our Employment Advisors (EAs) and Workplace Integration and Partner Officers (WIPOs). CPL has a dedication to learning and progressing their practices constantly to make their services more inclusive to everyone and this has been proven numerous times in our work with them.  

On Wednesday, April 26th, nine of our learners headed to CPL’s head office where they were greeted by the CPL Human Resources Team and numerous volunteers who arrived to assist with the day. CPL made accommodations to assist in clearer pathways, highlighted stairways, and assisted with sighted guiding for whoever asked. Overall, the learners had phenomenal feedback about the day, with one of the participants stating: “You can tell they made an effort with everyone, and it was great to work with them”, and the other saying: “Ten out of ten regarding the sighted guide!”.  

After the day, we asked the learners if they would recommend this type of event. Some of the feedback was that they were very professional, and participants didn’t feel rushed but comfortable. It was also highlighted that CPL staff and volunteers had a positive understanding of the attendees. Additionally, one of the learners highlighted the value of the whole experience that felt like an actual interview process, as they needed to come in properly dressed and groomed and there was also a waiting process in line for the candidates, so they received some valuable hands-on practice.  

We look forward to planning more collaborations with CPL and continuing to build upon their knowledge and experience of individuals seeking employment with vision impairments or blindness. Thank you to CPL, especially the HR Team and we hope to provide more events like this in the future!