Empowering Change: Join the Employment LAN Group to Advocate for Employment Opportunities for People with Sight Loss 

A woman with blonde hair, who is wearing glasses and a black and white coat is smiling as she sits across from a man and a woman whose backs are to the camera. It is a job interview setting.

Access to employment can be a challenge for people who are blind or vision impaired in Ireland. Joining the Employment Local Advocacy Network (LAN) Group allows you to highlight these challenges and campaign for improvements to the current situation and supports available.  

The Employment LAN group meets every month to discuss different topics related to employment and sight loss. Previously, this group developed a written guide for employers titled “Guidelines for recruiting and employing people with vision impairments” which is available on the NCBI website. This document helps raise awareness of the specific needs of employees who are blind or vision impaired but also highlights available support.  

This month, Breandan Ward from the Working Age Forum (WAF) will also join our advocates, so if you want to connect with the people and learn about different ways you can support each other, register for the meeting that will take place online on May 25th, from 2:00 PM to 3:00 PM, through the following link: Local Advocacy Network on Employment – NCBI    

Come along and help to make a difference!