Braille Sense 6 v2 out now!

Braille Sense 6 next to banner that reads 'Update'

by Peter Claridge Bowler

In November of 2023, we saw a huge update for the Braille Sense 6!

With this new update, we’re now running Android 12! It brings a whole load of new goodies to the table of the Braille Sense 6: adding a load of new functionality to the device itself by running even more third-party apps with a smoother streamlined feel in how they operate. This update also includes several different features for the Braille Sense interface itself.

Several games have been added to the Braille Sense, different types of dice games, and memory games: as well as a couple of different types of downloadable apps and features that can be added and removed from the device whenever you please, such as Braille Sense: Chat GPT, and Sense Bible.

It also adds a new organizer feature called To-Do List. This new feature adds the ability to create events and reminders for projects, keep track of said projects, link files, calendar events, and contact information of clients/colleagues. You can share that task with other devices across several different platforms, giving you the ability to keep track of ongoing projects. You can also keep track of personal events, such as birthdays, coming flights, and whatever else you think might benefit from a To-Do list.

Overall this update is very much needed because of the security and third-party app functionality, it promotes the longevity of the device for years to come, HIMS is making the effort to keep the device updated and with new features always coming in.

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