Braille in the Workplace

Finger tips on a Braille display

by Peter Claridge-Bowler

Braille can be a very important way for someone in employment who is blind and visually impaired access to information at work as well as key landmarks.

Things such as Braille labels, and stickers placed in key locations or items can help someone who is blind and visually impaired know what they are holding or what room they might be entering, receiving letters or notes/agendas in Braille can help with work events.

The use of braille displays/note takers which would be the electronic version of accessing braille, these bits of tech can allow someone who is a braille user to be able to access their emails, both in reading and writing them, as well being able to creating and reviewing word documents, editing files and creating new ones.

A braille notetaker can work as a stand-alone device, being able to access emails on the fly, being able accessing chat functions with your workmates, attend online meetings, take notes, and review databases and Excel sheets. The potentials are extensive.

A braille display will be grand to work with your computer/work device as a terminal in conjunction with a screen reader, being able to give you a wider range of access to work information on your computer/laptop. Braille displays have a wider range of sizes for example you can have a 20-cell braille display, 40 cell, and an 80 cell, all of these would display different amounts of information due to the size.

For example, I’m using a braille notetaker to write this very article and proofreading it back. So for me on a personal level braille is critical for me to be able to work independently.

Braille is a key feature to have in the workplace, not just for access but to promote Braille and other forms of accessible reading and writing formats.

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