Boost your browsing experience with the CTRL + F6 keyboard shortcut

Hands on a keyboard

by Joe Lonergan

I am a JAWS user and recently I have discovered a good hotkey that I find myself using a lot more when I am browsing the web or working on a website.

It’s CTRL + F6. What it does is get you back to the main page, regardless of what part of the website you were at the time you pressed it. Have you ever found yourself tabbing through a webpage, going too far, going past the bottom of the page, and realising that what you may have wanted is nearer to the top? And so, in the past, you may just have pressed TAB numerous times to get back to the page content. But an easier way is to press CTRL+ F6 and it will get you there in one keystroke.

If you are a CRM user on the likes of Salesforce or you find yourself filling in a lot of forms on the web this keystroke will save you a lot of time. It is even useful to get you back to the main content when doing regular web browsing. It works especially well in the Microsoft Edge web browser as it has many different types of tabs to get through before getting back to the main content.