Be My AI had an outage this week, so we asked what happened

Be My AI open on smartphone screen

by David Redmond

Earlier this week, the Be My AI tool suffered an outage. An error message in the app read “Be My AI failed to respond, reason: You exceeded your current quota, please check your plan and billing details.”

This message resulted in some users having concerns that Be My Eyes was going to start charging for its AI tools, or that the company was struggling to pay its bill from AI supplier Open AI.

The tool has been hugely popular in recent months, so we reached out to Be My Eyes to find out exactly what’s going on. here’s what they had to say on the matter.

Firstly we asked, what happened?

As you know, both Be My AI and OpenAI’s GPTV are in beta. This means there will be glitches, and when there are we will try to fix them as quickly as possible.

Does Be My Eyes have any plans to charge users for using any of its features such as Be My AI? Or are you considering a premium Be My Eyes Plus style subscription?

We’re not going to charge the community for access to Be My AI.

Is Be My Eyes in a healthy position financially to cover bills from Open AI and other partners, especially considering the usage increases in recent months?

Be My Eyes is healthy, growing, and hiring! The odd error message was the result of OpenAI monitoring token usage and inaccurate limits being set in the code base.

Are you making any changes to ensure the Be My Eyes service remains reliable?

Both Be My Eyes and OpenAI are working to make the platform stable – but again, please remember that the service is still in beta right now so there may be some glitches. The underlying GPT-4V API is also in beta and obviously Be My AI cannot be more stable than the underlying API.

What would you like to say to users, partners, and stakeholders about the future of Be My Eyes and Be My AI?

To our community: we’re sorry about the outage and we know how much you love the product given the incredible feedback you’ve sent us. Thank you. Please know that if and when issues arise with Be My Eyes, we work very hard to fix them.

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