Be My AI comes to BlindShell Classic 2

BlindShell Classic 2 phone in red next to BlindShell logos

by Joe Lonergan

Recently the BlindShell team announced that Be My AI was coming to the Be My Eyes app on the BlindShell Classic 2 mobile phone. People who own a BlindShell Classic 2 are encouraged to update the Be My Eyes app, and make sure they are registered by selecting I am vision impaired. Then select Be My AI and take a picture of something and wait for an amazing Be My AI description.

We have spoken in depth about Be My AI so we will not go into all its use cases again but if it is your first time using it you will be impressed by its results, and it gives you the ability to ask follow-up questions. It is great to see this smartphone with tactile buttons keeping up with some of the features on Android and iOS. BlindShell now has an extensive list of specialised apps as well as almost full access to the Google Play Store.

Also keep in mind that Google Lookout is also available on the BlindShell Classic 2 for even more tools to use your BlindShell’s built-in camera such as recognising quick text, Documents, colours, and currency. So, if you are a smartphone user with tactile buttons such as the BlindShell Classic 2, or the owner of a touchscreen smartphone the options are out there, and the tools are building up in your pocket to help you with those everyday tasks.

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