The Be My Eyes app is now available on Windows

Be My AI now available on Windows Desktop displayed on background with a young woman on a computer

by Joe Lonergan

In our Talking Technology podcast news section recently we flagged that the Be My Eyes app was coming to Windows. Now we are delighted to announce it is currently available to download for your Windows PC or laptop from the Microsoft Store for free.

This is great news for any NVDA users or users who do not have the new version of JAWS 2024 with Picture Smart recognition. Be My Eye’s for Windows is a great free option to get similar features, and some would argue it does image recognition and diagram understanding better.

Now using the Be My Eyes for Windows app, people who are blind or have low vision can receive rapid, automated descriptions of screen elements, photographs, and diagrams through AI-based natural language conversations, directly on their Windows 10/11 PC. Microsoft had already a support connection with the Be My Eyes mobile app, but this is a big step forward. In the Technical Directory of the mobile app, you will find Microsoft, a great place to ask for step-by-step keystrokes for Microsoft applications.

The Be My Eyes team gave the following use cases of how the Windows version of the Be My Eyes app can be used:

  1. Describe Your Screen: whether it’s an application interface or a web page layout, you can now get detailed descriptions through which you can grasp any visual elements with ease.
  2. Describe Local Images: From family photos to documents, you can now simply upload images to the Be My Eyes app and receive comprehensive descriptions in return, in a matter of seconds.
  3. Describe Online Images: Browsing the web becomes more inclusive as the Be My Eyes app seamlessly describes online images, ensuring no visual content goes undescribed.
  4. Help You Get Ready for Video Calls: By using a connected or built-in camera, the Be My Eyes app can describe how you look to the camera, whether are you centred, or if the lighting ok, before a live video call.

In summary, we think Be My Eyes for Windows is going to be a great app and resource for blind and low-vision users. It will expand our understanding of images graphs and diagrams and get us out of many a hole while giving us more independence on our PC or laptop.

If you have tried Be my Eyes for Windows, send us a Voice Note on WhatsApp on 086 199 0011. We would love to hear your first impressions.

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