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Your support is Vital, for over 90 years, people like you have helped Vision Ireland make Ireland a better place for those who are blind or vision impaired. Your gift in any amount will help deliver new projects for children’s education, for employment, for social connection, and for quality of life. No one deserves to be isolated.

Don’t forget, if you are a taxpayer, a gift of €250 or more throughout the course of a year could be worth an extra 45% (€112) to Vision Ireland – at no extra cost to you!

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Thank you for your generous support.

This enables us reach out to someone who is experiencing isolation more acutely than ever during these unprecedented times.

Thanks to you, Vision Ireland will continue to be there for people who are blind and vision impaired offering new pathways to education, employment and social connection.

We wish you and your family well. Our sincere and heartfelt appreciation.

Yours Sincerely,

Vision Ireland Foundation Team