How to hyperlink text in a document or email using a keystroke?

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By Joe Lonergan

How to hyperlink text in a document or email using a keystroke?

It is a good idea to hyperlink files or website addresses in your documents or emails to make it easier for people to access the links or information.

Sometimes the URLs of websites addresses are so long it is better to hyperlink it to make it easier to enter or click on them, and this make the links clearer to understand and read.

For example, you might want to send a link to a group about a Microsoft Teams meeting and the link is long and difficult for screen readers to read. These links can be made better by adding a hyperlink.

Other reasons to include hyperlinks are that you might want to link a file from a document or an Excel sheet to make it easier for a user to access other associated documents or drives.

How to add a hyperlink to a document or e-mail

  1. If it is a website address you are hyperlinking, first copy the address to your clipboard by selecting it and pressing control + C
  2. Then find the area in the email or document where you want to place the link
  3. This is the important Keystroke. Press control + K
    A box will pop up saying Address: now press control + V to paste the link
  4. Tab once and you can type in the text that you would like to display, make this short and easy to understand
  5. Press enter and your text will now appear in your email or document and will say for example “Press enter to join the meeting” or “Click here to take part in the survey”.

Hyperlinking text that is already there

You can hyperlink any text in a document by selecting that text, then press control + K and paste in the web address and press enter.

As mentioned above you can also hyperlink text to files on your computer or online drives.

Again, press the control + K tab to browse for the file button this will open the drives on your computer. Locate the file you want and press enter on it.
Type in the text you want to display, and press enter and now you will have a handy link to that file for sharing.

Hopefully, this makes the way you hyperlink text clearer. Do you like when someone sends you an email with neat links rather than long-winded website addresses?

In what situations have you used the Control + K keystroke, or We would also love to know your favourite keystroke or shortcut.

Let us know with a voice note to the talking technology podcast at 0861990011.

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