2 weeks with the iPad Pro M4. Has it lived up to my expectations?

iPad Pro M4

by David Redmond

I liked the lightning connector. It was small, versatile, and worked across most Apple devices. Even though everyone seemed to love USB-C I wasn’t immediately sold. This started to change when I started using a USB-C iPhone last year, and now that my iPad is joining the USB gang I am starting to see the benefits.

We were testing some new audio production setups for the Talking Technology podcast last week and I was able to quickly plug the iPad into an audio mixer. Before this would have required an adapter of some nature.

I’ve also been able to quickly record voiceovers straight to the iPad, which Is something I would traditionally have done on the Mac. I do now recognise that most things moving to USB-C is a good thing and while I do still think lightning had the better thinner design, I’m definitely appreciating the versatility of the new standard.

The new Magic Keyboard is great

Is it stupidly expensive? Yes, but it really is a great product. The old iPad folio keyboard was terrible to type on, but this Magic Keyboard feels just like using a Mac.

The Mac comparisons don’t stop there either, as you can use the trackpad to move around the screen with Zoom turned on. If you have Zoom and voiceover turned on at the same time, voiceover reads what’s under the pointer. It’s a great feature and seems to be well-implemented. I’d love to see full pointer customisation in the future but that will hopefully come with time.

Some could argue that if you’re buying an iPad and keyboard you should just get a Mac in the first place, but I don’t agree. I use the iPad in different ways, it’s flat on the desk running backpack studio when I’m producing Talking Technology, and it’s got a keyboard attached when I’m doing website work. While the Mac is great, it doesn’t have the same versatility for what I do.

It’s so portable

I’ve only had it for two weeks but I’ve already used it on trains and in hotel rooms. More and more tech is like this now, but the iPad is super thin and I can easily throw it in my bag and use it wherever I need.

The Magic Keyboard is actually heavier than the iPad itself which is wild. It’s all just an incredibly well-built package and I’m super happy so far.


I’m only scratching the surface of the new iPad. I haven’t got to try Logic or Final Cut yet, and am definitely not using the device’s raw power, but what I appreciate about this IPAD IS SIMPLE.

It’s an iPad, just bigger and better than before. I can quickly bounce files from my phone to iPad to Mac using AirDrop. I have a larger screen and a better keyboard when updating website content, and I can quickly connect USB mics or mixers to the iPad with zero trouble. It’s an iPad, just slightly improved and built to better suit my needs.

I think it’s fair to say that not everyone needs the iPad Pro. For most people, the standard iPad will do everything you want. With that said though the iPad Pro suited me and I haven’t been disappointed. I’m not using it to its full potential right now. But I’m confident that this iPad should continue to serve me well over the next number of years. I got six years out of my last iPad so let’s see how this one does. The next time I upgrade maybe 2030, and who knows what tech will be like by that point?

We will follow up with an unboxing video of the new M4 iPad Pro in the next week.

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